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(Important Releases)
Version 1.0 - Jan 20, 2011
Initial release of AmSo Compare 1.0 for the OS X.

Version 2.02 - Mar 24, 2020
Initial release of AmSo Compare 2.0 for the MacOS. AmSo Compare 2.0 brings N-Way Compare, 3-Way Merge, and a host of other improvements.

Version 2.04 - May 1, 2020
Adds line wrapping to the Text Editors, now line by line compare can be edited using wrapped text in the editors.

Version 2.06 - June 5, 2020
Adds Time Machine Compare, giving the ability to compare folders and directories and retrieve content from Time Machine archives.

Version 2.08 - July 28, 2020
Improved editing, adding Undo and other enhancements to the text editor.

Version 2.10 - Aug 18, 2020
Multi-Line compare added, adding the ability to compare files without line/space formatting.



To contact support, please email and please also include the following information with your message:

• Operating System & Version information ( > About This Mac...)
• App version (upper-right corner of app's window)
• Purchase source (Mac App Store, direct)