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A full-featured suite of comparison tools, AmSo Compares lets you access to all your files, previously saved comparison, and custom comparison rules from one place.

Side by side comparison of directory structures.

Side by side comparison and editing of text-based files.

Side by side comparison of three or more directory structures.

Side by side N-Way comparison and editing of text-based files.

Directory merge automatically merges two more sets of file changes.

Text based merge automatically merges changes made in two or more copies of a files.

Comparison and editing of binary (Hex, Dec, Oct) files.

Image compare detects and highlights changes made to an image.

Structured comparison between XML and JSON data.

Merge changes, update files, or mirror two or more directory structures.

Comparison against the Time Machine.
  • Main Window
  • Directory Compare
  • Text Compare
  • N-Way Directory Compare
  • N-Way Text Compare
  • 3-Way Directory Merge
  • 3-Way Text Merge
  • Hex Compare
  • Image Compare
  • Structured Compare
  • Directory Sync
  • Time Machine Compare



AmSo Compare

AmSo Compare is a tool designed to compare and merge differences in folders and files. It can be used on its own as it features multiple file views and inline editing, or integrated into popular IDE and source control systems, such as Git. It also supports latest MacOS features, such as the Dark mode.



AmSo Compare allows for 3-Way and N-Way comparison and editing of folders, text-based, and binary file content. It also has custom comparison viewers for images, structured web-services data (JSON and XML). When editing file content, the modifications can be made on line basis or using AmSo Compare's built-in inline editor. The comparison supports expect features such as text replacements, ignore/isolate, and manual alignments. Such features can be made persistent or used for the current comparison session.


Fully aligned side by side comparisons.

Customizable comparison overview.

2-Way or N-Way comparison, both folder and text.

Inline editing for both text and binary files.

Line wrapping and collapsing.

Manual line alignments and ignored lines, both persistent and temporary.

Text replacements during comparisons.

Similarity line filtering.

Text based include/exclude filtering using plaintext or RegEx.

Binary editing modes.

Inline data viewer.

JSON and XML Structured Compare.



AmSo Compare features automated 3-Way and N-Way merges. The merging feature provides a preview summary as well as full inline editing features that the comparison text viewers provide. The 3-Way merge features a traditional layout of Ancestor in the middle and the N-Way merge has the Ancestor on the left and allows a number of branches to be merged, with maximum of either eight or the number of editors that fit on your display. Merging can be outputted to the Ancestor, Branches, or a prepared destination location.


Automated 3-Way and N-Way Merge layouts.

Manual Merge and editing between the ancestor and branches.

Merge to a destination folder.

Summary of results before they are performed.



AmSo Compare allows for N-Way folder synchronization. Synchronization can consist of merging folders, updating changes, or full mirroring.


2-Way or N-Way Folder Synchronization.

Descriptive preview of transactions.



AmSo Compare allows for comparing against the files in your Time Machine backup. (Note: Time Machine backups are read-only, you can not modify Time Machine data)


Easy access to any date.

Access your older computers.



AmSo Compare not only compares line by line as a typical diff tool would but can compare across multiple lines, making it easy to keep individual preferences (such as coding style, line width, text formatting) yet make meaningful comparisons.


Traditional line by line comparison. (Four important changes)

Multi-line comparison. (Four unimportant changes, no important changes)



Unlike downloaded apps which have unlimited access to your hardware, AmSo Compare is installed and works within the MacOS sandbox giving you full permissions control. It also minimizes use of third party libraries, significantly reducing chance of misbehavior by a buggy external library.



Newly released AmSo Compare version 2.0 was made available on March 2020 and is currently sold with a major discount on the Mac App Store.